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Changes on payment system
Published on May 05th, 2020 10:10 am

We made some changes on payment system. Now any member can withdraw via all three processor. No need to deposits to select specific payment processor. Also the withdrawal fees became same for all processor and the fee is $0.10+2.5%.

The Minimum deposit set to $1 which was $2 before. Happy earnings.......


Best Regards

Studentbux Admin

About Payment Proof
Published on May 01st, 2020 02:35 pm

You will get $0.07 bonus on your main balance after completing the task

Dear 'Members'
We noticed that many of you did not post the payment proof on our forum. But it is necessary for you to receive the next payment. From now every member must do the task given below in order to receive next payment.
1. Post your payment proof on our forum with screenshot.
2. Post your payment proof on : ( don't forget to give 5 star rating)
3. Post your payment proof on : ( don't forget to give 5 star rating)

Instruction to post the payment proof :
(i) Take a screenshot of your payment from your payment gateway's transaction history.
(ii) Upload the image to : or and get the link for forum.
(iii) Then post the image link to our forum as a payment proof.


Best regards
Studentbux Admin


The Site go back to 11th april
Published on Apr 26th, 2020 05:28 am

We feel sorry to inform you that our site go back to 11th All the change after 11th April. April has been reversed.  Also The member register after 11th April has been deleted. But we are trying to recover the lost data & hope to get the lost data very soon.

Best Regards
StudentBux Admin

good news for you
Published on Apr 06th, 2020 03:04 pm

Hello members,

You all know that our website was launched on 1st january 2020, but their was some problems in forum and payment system. Many of you send us support tickets for this reason. Now we have come to give you some good news.....

1. We have solved the forum problem. Now you can post on forum and we offer you 10 points for every post on this april.

2. We also solved the payment gateways problem. Many of you reached the amount of minimum payout. Now you can send payment request via any payment processor.

3. We added one new way to earn money so that you can earn more money. that way is head-tail game. Play head tail game doubled your money.

Happy earnings......

Best regards

Admin (StudentBux)