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Special Packages
Published on Aug 22nd, 2020 02:46 pm

Two Special Packages Added For Short Time (Benefits for advertisers)

We added some ads credit (ptc + banner )  with premium membership & 100/200 rent referrals. These packages are available for short time. Interested members, follow the instruction and purchase now.

purchasing instruction :  go to >>====>>  Advertise  >> special packages

Eid-al-Adha promo
Published on Jul 29th, 2020 10:09 am

10% deposit bonus ( As a Eid gift)

(This offer has expired)

Dear 'members'

Eid mubarak (in advance) to all members of studentbux. It is not possible for us to give you a huge discount but it is our responsiblity to give a gift to our members. So here is a little discount for you as a Eid gift.

Deposit $5 or more and get 10% Extra on your purchase balance.

The bonus will added manually within 12 hours after deposit. If the bonus not added at this time then send us a support ticket.

This promotion will expire on 5 August 2020.


Best regards

Studentbux Admin

New Special packs for short time
Published on Jul 22nd, 2020 10:15 am

Guaranteed profit


Two new special pack available. You can make guranteed profit by Purchasing these pack. The pack will be available for a short time, So make hurry to get these

Special $40

  • Secondary School Membership
  • 250 Rented Referrals
  • 2000 Paid to Click Credits
  • 50000 Banner Ad Credits  

Special $85

  • College Membership
  • 500 Rented Referrals
  • 4000 Paid to Click Credits
  • 100000 Banner Ad Credits


up to 30% deposit bonus
Published on Jul 04th, 2020 04:50 pm

UP TO 30% DEPOSIT BONUS (expired)

Hello 'members'
Here's a big deposit bonus for you. Deposit now and get up to 30% bonus on your main account balance.
Deposit $10- $25 to get 10% bonus
Deposit $26-$50 to get 20% bonus
Deposit $51-$100 to get 25% bonus
Deposit $100+ to get 30% bonus.
The bonus will added to your account balance within 24 hours after deposit.
The offer is valid till 10 July 2020 ( mid night of server time)

Best regards
Studentbux Admin

25% discount on upgrage membership
Published on Jun 17th, 2020 02:47 pm

25% discount on upgrade membership

This offer has expired

Hello 'Members'

Upgrade your membership on a discount of 25% . The promotional membership prizes are given below :

1. Secondary School -------------  $11.25 ( Regular prize $15)

2. College -------------------------- $30 ( Regular prize $40)

3. University ------------------------$75 ( Regular prize $100)

4. Career ----------------------------$337.5 ( Regular prize $450)

This offer will expire on 25 June 2020 at mid night (server time)

10% deposit bonus
Published on Jun 07th, 2020 04:15 pm

10% deposit bonus on Student

( this offer has expired)

Hello 'members'
We have a promotion for you. Just deposit fund with any payment processor and get 10% extra on your purchase balance.
Conditions :
1. This offer will be applicable for you if you deposit $20 or more.
2. The bonus will added manually within 24 hours after deposit. If you do not get the bonus within 24 hours then open a support ticket to us.
3. This offer will expire on 15 June ( mid night of server time).

Best Regards
Studentbux Admin

New Terms
Published on Jun 02nd, 2020 04:13 am

Must Read ( new terms for Studentbux members)

Among 3000 members, about 500 accounts are created by using vpn,proxy or some of harmful software. We promise to our advertiser to supply them 100% unique human traffic. To prevent multiple account and use of VPN we take a decision. We can't too much pressurized to our members who already registered. So the hard rule is create for the new member. Don't think us scammer. If you don't trust us then you can leave studentbux now. We just make this rule to ensure human user.
new terms are there:
1. The member register after 1 June 2020 needs to deposit for 1st withdraw.
2. All member need to post previous payment proof on our forum ( payment proof section) and on 5 star rating) in order to receive next payment.

foxyrating link of studentbux :

" Stay Home, Stay Safe"

Best regards
Studentbux Admin

Triple Super Promotions
Published on May 22nd, 2020 03:18 pm

Triple Super Promotions

Hello 'members'
We have 3 exciting promotions for you. Make hurry to take the benefits of these promotion & stay with studentbux.
Promo-1: Deposit promotion
Up to 20% bonus on deposit with any payment processor. Bonus will added manually within 6 hours after deposit.
Deposit  $1-$20       get       5% bonus
Deposit   $21-$50    get      10% bonus
Deposit  $51- $100   get     15% bonus
Deposit   $100 +      get      20% bonus

Promo-2: Membership Discount
Get 20% discount on all membership. New costs of the memberships are given below:
Secondary School ---------- $12  [ Regular price $15]
College -------------------------- $32  [ Regular price $40]
University ---------------------- $80   [ Regular price $100]
Career -------------------------- $360  [ Regular price $450]

Promo-3: Discount on Rent referral cost.
10 % discount on any rent referral pack.
5 Rent referral = $0.90 [ Regular price $1]
10 Rent referral= $1.80 [ Regular price $2]
50 Rent referral = $9 [ Regular price $10]
100 Rent referral = $18 [ Regular price $20]
200 Rent referral = $36 [ Regular price $40]..................................
                                                                             These promotions are valid till 2 Jun 2020

$0.25 sign up bonus
Published on May 17th, 2020 07:42 am

          $0.25 Bonus on Sign up

Sign up and get $0.25 bonus instantly. This offer is valid till 20 May 2020.

Information about Studentbux : Studentbux is a new but paying paid to click service.

members benifits:

  • Earn up to $0.01 per ad view
  • Earn up to 100% of referral earnings
  • Fast Payments and Receiving System
  • $0.30 minimum payout
  • Earn by studentgrid & head-tail game
  • Detailed statistics of your referral clicks
  • 24/7 Profesional Support
  • Payment gateways : Perfect money, Payeer & Airtm

Advertisers benifits:

  • Add packs start from $0.80
  • Add your advertisement instantly
  • Multiple advertisement packs
  • Advertize on studentgrid in very cheaper rate
  • Detailed statistics & filter
  • Strong Anti-cheat protection
  • Many types of advertisements


$550 Weekly Points Contest #01
Published on May 10th, 2020 05:08 am

$550 Weekly Points Contest #01

Hello 'members'
We feel happy to inform you that we arranged a points contest for you. The contest will expires on 16 may 2020 at mid night (server time). So don't be late, start collecting points now.
per ad click   = 1point
per grid click  = 1 point
per forum post = 2 points
per direct referral = 25 points
Per dollar deposit = 50 points [Points from add fund via payeer & perfectmoney does not added to the contest point, We are working to fix this problem , if the problem be solved, we will remove this notice]
The prizes will added to main balance manually within 24 hours after the contest expired. You can check your position here: [url=][/url]

Best regards
Studentbux Admin