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Our new projects and last bonus of studentbux of this year
Published on Jun 10th, 2021 04:16 pm

Our new projects and last bonus of studentbux of this year

Hi friends,
Finally we have launched our new two projects.The sites are:
 We just copy-paste the terms from studentbux and these will be change within 2 days. There are lackage of ads at this time, we will add enough add tomorrow. If you found any problem on these new site then please inform us via support ticket on studentbux. According to the pre-declaration, The bonuses are below:
 This bonus is valid for studentbux, msrwallet and bux4clix
i. Deposit $30-$150 to get 40% bonus.
ii. Deposit $150+ to get 55% bonus.

(offer updated on 18 June 2021)

These offers are valid till 18 June 2021

Up to 30% deposit bonus
Published on Feb 13th, 2021 04:19 pm

Up to 30% deposit bonus [Expired]

Hello members,

After a long time, we have decited to give a large offer to our members. So here it is..........

1. Deposit $10-$49 to get 10%  bonus on purchase balance

2. Deposit $50-$99 to get 20%  bonus on purchase balance

3. Deposit $100+ to get 30%  bonus on purchase balance

Bonus will added to purchase balance manually within 6 hours after deposit. And this offer is valid till 20 Feb 2021.


Best regards

Studentbux Admin


Investigation Result and New Terms
Published on Nov 15th, 2020 04:03 am

Anti-vpn investigation result and new terms

The result of the anti-vpn investigation is very shocking. We have suspended 500+ account & we believe that there are more 500+ vpn users are still active. They create account contineously. They do this because they have not any loss when the lost their account. For example, if a vpn user create 10 accounts, when they send payment request if their 6 accounts block by our system and they get payment from rest 4 accounts. these 4 accounts payment is their profit. Now we have only one way to prevent them. We decided to make some change on our system. This changes will decrease our members but we have to do this make 'studentbux' long lasting. The person who don't believe on studentbux can leave it.

New terms:
1. Every one need to deposit once to get payment. ( This rule is also applicable for the old members who did not deposit yet.)
2. Minimum withdraw is $2 for all payment processor.
3. You can withdraw with the same processor that you used to deposit.

The payment request which not fulfil our new terms has refunded.


Best regards

Studentbux Admin

Anti-VPN investigation
Published on Nov 11th, 2020 05:39 am

Anti-vpn investigation is on

Currently we are running an anti-VPN investigation. About 23% of our active users are VPN user. To find out the vpn user, We have to investigate all the account carefully. It will take about 5 days. During this session no payment reqeust will process, But you can send payment request to us. We will complete the payment requests after completing the investigating. The probable date of payment is 16 Nov 2020.


Best regards

Studentbux admin

Unbelievable Advertisement Packages
Published on Oct 10th, 2020 12:36 pm


Unbelievable Advertisement Packages

Hello everyone, We offered some big advertisement packages for very cheap rate. Anyone can purchase these packages, no hidden condition.

1. Standard Ads ( 20 sec)

      1.1. 3 Standard Ads for 5 days - only on $5       [ ad code: 1.1 ]

      1.2. 3 Standard Ads for 12 days - only on $10    [ ad code: 1.2 ]

      1.2. 3 Standard Ads for 30 days - only on $20    [ ad code: 1.3 ]

2. Mini Ads (10 sec )

     2.1. 5 Mini Ads for 5 days - only on $5       [ ad code: 2.1 ]

     2.2. 5 Mini Ads for 12 days - only on $10    [ ad code: 2.2 ]

     2.2. 5 Mini Ads for 30 days - only on $20    [ ad code: 2.3 ]

3. Micro Ads (10 sec )

     3.1. 7 Micro Ads for 5 days - only on $5       [ ad code: 3.1 ]

     3.2. 7 Micro Ads for 12 days - only on $10    [ ad code: 3.2 ]

     3.2. 7 Micro Ads for 30 days - only on $20    [ ad code: 3.3 ]

How to purchase : Keep sufficient balance on your purchase balance and send us a support ticket with the ad code that you want to purchase .

[ we will give further instruction with the reply of this ticket.]


Best regards

Studentbux Admin

10 % Deposit bonus
Published on Sep 25th, 2020 01:35 pm

10% bonus on deposit via Perfect money and Payeer

Hello Members,

After a long time, We decided to give a offer to our member. Here it is:

Get 10% deposit bonus by fulfill these conditions:

i. Deposit $10 or more

ii. Must use Perfect money or Payeer to deposit. If you deposit via Airtm, then you will not receive the bonus.

The bonus will Added to purchase balance manually within 12 hours after deposits. If you did not get the bonus within 12 hours then send us a support ticket.

This offer will expire on 30 Sept 2020.


Best regards

Studentbux Admin


Special Packages
Published on Aug 22nd, 2020 02:46 pm

Two Special Packages Added For Short Time (Benefits for advertisers)

We added some ads credit (ptc + banner )  with premium membership & 100/200 rent referrals. These packages are available for short time. Interested members, follow the instruction and purchase now.

purchasing instruction :  go to >>====>>  Advertise  >> special packages

Eid-al-Adha promo
Published on Jul 29th, 2020 10:09 am

10% deposit bonus ( As a Eid gift)

(This offer has expired)

Dear 'members'

Eid mubarak (in advance) to all members of studentbux. It is not possible for us to give you a huge discount but it is our responsiblity to give a gift to our members. So here is a little discount for you as a Eid gift.

Deposit $5 or more and get 10% Extra on your purchase balance.

The bonus will added manually within 12 hours after deposit. If the bonus not added at this time then send us a support ticket.

This promotion will expire on 5 August 2020.


Best regards

Studentbux Admin

New Special packs for short time
Published on Jul 22nd, 2020 10:15 am

Guaranteed profit


Two new special pack available. You can make guranteed profit by Purchasing these pack. The pack will be available for a short time, So make hurry to get these

Special $40

  • Secondary School Membership
  • 250 Rented Referrals
  • 2000 Paid to Click Credits
  • 50000 Banner Ad Credits  

Special $85

  • College Membership
  • 500 Rented Referrals
  • 4000 Paid to Click Credits
  • 100000 Banner Ad Credits


up to 30% deposit bonus
Published on Jul 04th, 2020 04:50 pm

UP TO 30% DEPOSIT BONUS (expired)

Hello 'members'
Here's a big deposit bonus for you. Deposit now and get up to 30% bonus on your main account balance.
Deposit $10- $25 to get 10% bonus
Deposit $26-$50 to get 20% bonus
Deposit $51-$100 to get 25% bonus
Deposit $100+ to get 30% bonus.
The bonus will added to your account balance within 24 hours after deposit.
The offer is valid till 10 July 2020 ( mid night of server time)

Best regards
Studentbux Admin