Deposit Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to view minimum 4 ads to receive the referrals earning for next day

Yes, You have to deposit once to get payment from studentbux. This rule is start from 15 Nov 2020.

Perfect money : $0.10+2.5%

Airtm : $0.10+2.5%

Payeer : $0.15+2.5%

For 1st withdraw, you will receive your payment within 24 hours after sending the withdrawal request. After that, the next payment processing time will depends on your activity. It can take up to 7 days. You have to post your payment proof on various forum to receive payment quickly. Look at the following table:

Proof on these sites Payment processing time
On foxyrating, trustpilo and nichanrating  within 24 hours
On foxyrating and any one ( nichanrating or trustpilot)
withing 48 hours
Only on foxyrating within 72 hours
On nichanrating and trustpilot within 96 hours

And others will receive payment within 7 days.


Yes, you can view the ads via computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. 


No, there is no any upper limit of deposit.

but the lower limits are:

perfectmoney     : $2

payeer               : $2

airtm                  : $2

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2

You will receive earnings from your referrals if they clicks the standard ads.