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Largest Bonus Ever

Started by StudentBux May 02nd, 2021 at 14:43
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StudentBux (Admin)
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Hello Everyone,
Today I am here to announce a special bonus. This is the best offer ever given by us. We complete our one year on 2nd march 2021. Our site became live on 2nd march 2020. But it has broken 2 times after launched. at last we launch it on 19 April 2020. But according to some review sites, studentbux has launched on 7 may 2020. So we are going to complete our 1 year on online. And this time we decided to gift up to $1000 to our users.

1. 1st anniversary celebration
2. Eid al-fitr bonus
3. Gaining 'Legit' status on almost all review sites.

1. Deposit $20-$49 to get 20% bonus [maximum 25 members]
2. Deposit $50-$99 to get 30% bonus [ maximum 20 members]
3. Deposit $100+ to get 60% deposit bonus [ maximum 10 members]

Validity: This offer is valid from 10 may to 17 may.
Bonus will added to purchase balance manually within 6 hours after deposit. Send support ticket if needed.
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Great opportunity thankyou admin!
I'm planning to come back here by taking this great opportunity!
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good promo
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great offer